About Me



     I've always looked at things a little differently than most people I've come across, but then again I believe we're all given a unique vision to live and gifts to share during this lifetime. One of mine is the ability to see, both figuratively and literally.

     Finding photography began my journey into realizing what it means to be an artist and gave me a means of expressing myself creatively. Growing up as a jock in a small town, being artistic didn't jive with who I and other peopIe thought I was supposed to be. I mainly used athletics to express myself. Organized sports at first; track, football, basketball, and then skiing, hiking, mt biking, and climbing after I moved to Colorado. I still enjoy those things today but in a much more non-competitive way.


     Photography, sculpture and writing along with being a father and husband have helped me to grow, explore and express my self more fully, enabling me to become the person I am today. These experiences give me my unique vision I bring to new projects.  I continue to explore photography and what a it means to make a photograph nearly each and every day.  Feeling as excited when a great shot happens now as ever! 

Please enjoy my site and don't hesitate to contact me with inquiries.

I find the older I get the more "Me" I become. 

Thanks for visiting.