11 years ago, just before my daughter was born, my wife and I took a leap of faith and started a produce business where I drive to various parts of rural Colorado seeking the best, freshest and most conscientiously grown produce I can find, bringing it back to the Colorado high country to supply our family and the local population.  As a means to document my bi-weekly 4-500 mile jaunts and keep my creative juices flowing while working 4-5 months straight, I decided to begin photographing many of the interesting things I found. 

This is an ongoing project that is both exciting and educational. Enjoy.


Bartlett Pear B+W
Heirloom tomatoes
full apricot trees
sourgum field
tomatoe bushels
Drying lavender buldles
Old timin'
peaches after rainstorm
Bee and lavender1
pumpkin patch
watering corn field
Rainier Cherry bunch
Bill Devries w pumkins
Apricot tree
8 ball squash blossoms
Old windmill
workers picking
Old wagon and apple trees
Mt Garfield Lavender
Indego Rose
packing peaches
bee and coneflower (echinacia)
Epicurean honey stand
swallowtail coneflower
apple orchard barn 2
Hauling peaches
Prarie windmill
Ain't that a peach
Cherry heirloom tomatoes
Palisade vineyard
All American
flowering apple trees
fruit stand sign
Olathe corn
Old Chevy truck
sunflower tractor
Sunflowers (1)
Peach sign
Palisade panorama
pumpkin stripped
worker picking peaches
Keagan picking tirnups
Orchard pullout
Old farmstead and International truc
Winters grip
Cedaredge haybales