Photographing Nature started it all for me.  The tremendous peace and beauty I experience while "walking in the woods" has always been a way for me, since my early years wandering around Rose Lake

Wildlife Area as a boy in Michigan, to clear my head of the zaniness of everyday life.  Being highly visual, making photographs as a means of expression and my desire to share my gifts, grew organically out of my love of the Natural world.

First Ice Chihuahua Lake
Fall's first snow
Aspen glow
Snow lake bloom
Morning sunrise Peak 1
Incoming power
Calling the rain
Divided Reflection
Blue River in Fall
Organic cover
Steam at -20
Big and Small
Driving to the Mountain
Powdered sugar forest
Lake Dillon mist.
Gore on Fire
Rabbit Ears Fireweed
Frosted Aspens
Resting canoes
Cow Camp Cabin
Columbine waterfall
Camping startrail
Bass Lake sunrise
Mt Garfield closeup
Beachin' it